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Question: Venturing on a different path requires negotiation between sacrifice and opportunity

Discuss this view with reference to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing

Encountering different experiences can result in growth, change or other consequences as it is a part of growing up or moving into a new phase of life. We are able to understand that a choice between sacrifice and opportunity is a result of venturing on a different path which is evident in the novel, The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C Burke that explores the concepts that overcoming adversities is a result of entering a new environment and also shifts in physical surroundings can have emotional consequences.

Burke evidently portrays that venturing on a new path results in sacrifice or opportunity through the idea that overcoming adversities is a result of entering a new environment which is evident in the changing nature of Tom as he grows up.

In chapter 6, Tom finally reveals details of the accident which is shown in "Running towards the car. Running into the headlights..." The repetition of running establishes the urgency of the situation and that in this new life, Tom has the opportunity to overcome the adversities of the never ending suffering for him as memories still haunt him. The every present reality for Tom is portrayed through the personification in "When the memories come back..." emphasising his struggle to sacrifice his old life in his present life through his challenges. However, this is contrasted to chapter 19 which is idealised in "wasn't a single hill in Coghill Brendan hadn't found." The hill symbolises Tom's opportunity to overcome his hardships and that his determination to reach the top represents him overcoming his adversities. This is reiterated in the use...