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The writer argues that the Jewish community should not "suppress the screening of the David Irving's film." The film is named the search of truth and history and received extensive media attention to the banning of this documentary. Jackson believes that the film "should be openly and freely debated". The writer accuses the "Jewish groups" for trying to force and place pressure on the censorship authorities to stop the viewing of this film to the public.

The writer has used an aggressive and strong tone when he states, "Should be openly and freely debated" this enables the audience to receive a response towards the issue of censorship. When Jackson writes that the documentary is about a "remarkable man suffering" he is giving his own opinion and what he believes will have no major effect on the viewers in Australia. Jackson has used certain persuasive techniques to convince the audience that is argument on censorship is valid.

The writers use of emotive appeal when he states "why has there been silence" and "suffering" allows the reader to feel a sense of guilt and sorrow ness to this issue of censoring David Irving's film. This also allows the reader to picture a man who has suffered during the holocaust whose remarkableness does deserve to be viewed to an audience.

Jackson's use of evidence when he says "the circumstances of his arrest in the US in February and the conditions of his incarceration smack of medieval cruelties" permits the reader to reflect on the more horrific events that have occurred than Irving's film "the search for truth and history", that is currently being debated. The writer's use of Nonspecificity and vague terms like "Jewish groups" does not allow the reader to blame one member of a community but a...