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Chris Paine's "Who killed the electric car".

The question being asked is "who killed the electric car?" "Who killed the electric car?" is a film directed by Chris Paine, it is set in California, which has a pollution crisis, the documentary is about the efficiency of electric cars compared to cars that run on gasoline. Electric cars are more efficient than cars that run on gasoline and this is shown in this film using techniques such as interviews, use of voice overs, atmospheric sound and hidden cameras. Electric cars are good for the environment, easy to run and the do not pollute the atmosphere and endanger us with Gasoline which is also using a non-renewable resource.

One of the techniques that are used repeatedly during the documentary /film is interviews. They interview people who have a judgement about one aspect of the film, such as companies or just regular people who like the electric cars.

This technique is used in the film to help persuade the audience to accept that the oil companies are the ones to blame for the destruction of the EV1 in the film and vice versa. For example Charlie Sexton, who is a young woman and an EV1 specialist, endorses the benefits of EV1 and discusses her work passionately and the good things that it can provide than goes on to say how the companies destroyed them and it makes you sympathised with her cause. In contrast to the people from different companies who he interviews who say that the electric cars aren't profitable and that they do not have many uses and that the problem itself was the car, but because Chris Paine interviewed people who aren't endorsing the car (mechanics) and because they also agreed that the cars...