The English language is my biggest challenge

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The English language is very difficult for Non-English speaking people to learn well. My parents and the generation before me had a hard time learning the English language to communicate well with others. In my life, I have had encounter many difficult situations and challenges, but I have to stress that learning to write in English has been the most difficult challenge. Learning English is a big challenge for many people who come to The United States. Sometimes, I have given up in frustration due to the difficulties I had to face to survive in this country where English is the dominant language.

There are so many variations within that English language, slang, dialect, and now some of our leaders in Oakland, are taking into consideration to introduce Ebonics, English for African American. As it been describe on an editorial of Black Enterprise, of March 1997 by Ear G.

Graves Publishing Co., Inc. "Loosely define, Ebonics is the latest incarnation of what some academics call "black English"--a language, rooted in African culture, that is a distinctively African American interpretation of traditional American English".

I came to the United State eighteen years, and I couldn't understand a word of English. I wasn't able to distinguish or put together the individual

parts that make up each word. Now I can communicate with people at work, speak over the phone, and read, though I'm still not able to write well.

In my country, I went to college, and I graduated with an associate degree in electrical engineering I had a good job. I also earned respect, and I was making good money. Eighteen years ago, I came to The United States to start from scratch due the fact that I didn't speak English. Since then, I traced a new goal in...