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At the school I was in during my teaching practice, they had a room full of different technological devices. In this room there was an interactive whiteboard, a set of 15 computers with Windows XP and fast internet access, a projector, a surround system and a laptop among other technological devices. Due to the fact that I knew how much the boy hated to write and how much he liked computers, I decided to do a comprehension lesson with a difference. In this way I was sure that he would pay more attention than he usually does, and participate more willingly.

“The curriculum should be based on the child’s interest.” (John Dewey)During the lesson the students were going to hear and follow a story that was going to be projected on the interactive whiteboard, and then along the story there were several instances where some students were going to be chosen and they were to come out and perform certain instructions.

All the students in class reacted very positively to this lesson, as it was the first time that they were given the opportunity to make use of this room during a lesson. By means of this fact I was able to teach them a lot of different things in just one lesson, as they were all very keen on participating and giving their own opinions. I made sure to include all the students whenever I chose them to come out and use the interactive whiteboard.

“All students are entitled to have the same treatment and that all students should be provided with the same quality of education” (Tomorrow’s Schools: 20).

However due to the fact that the room is quite big, when they had the group work session, it was a bit difficult for me to monitor all the...