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Abby Cruz & Kyla M. Lue

Ms. Kapuscinski



The Voices Inside/Outside My Head: Character Monologues Assignment

The Charmer: Winnifred

Key Image/Symbol/Trigger:

The misread sign: Zack disregarded the sign, which therefore lead him to eat the cake. Uses his adoration for his mother to get out of trouble.

Absence: Zachery misses the visiting hours of Lizzie's death.

Disowned: Zack was kicked out of the house after the realization of his actions by his father.

Shattered glass milk: the breakage of innocence and the reflection of Zachery in Stephanie.

Paragraphs: 1-2: The misread sign

Explicit Analysis (Abby Cruz)

The cake was all I remember about Zack using his cheap old trick on Mom, always giving excuses to get out of trouble. Of course, Zack got his way of the having the cake, and my two little sisters and I would just stand there smiling. Marvelling at the fact that he was like our hero, admiring the way he was able to get away with something we could never do.

That and hoping he would share a piece of our hard work, but it never happened. Surprisingly I didn't mind, I was Zachery's willing slave, ready to do whatever he wanted because he was my older brother, it was just the way it is. No one could ever hate Zachery; he always made me feel as though I was the one person in the world he could never live without; even if it meant cleaning up the crumbs after a meal. My entire being was entranced by his charm, I am like a moth that always searches for the light; Zachery was my light.

Implicit Analysis (Kyla M. Lue)

I didn't really minded Zack never sharing with me... I mean he was my older brother after all, what else did...