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EFL 093-02 Name: Nhi Tran

Argumentative essay Due date: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

English: the Future

Nowadays, most of the countries have two national languages for central administrative purposes: their own language and English which is usually an associate official language. Not everyone live either in the United States of America or England. Dozens of distinctly different regional languages are spoken from each country, which share many characteristics such as grammatical structure and vocabulary, but the main language they speak is still supposed to be English. Apart from these languages, English is the first language for the people in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Also, English is the second language for many countries over the world; now is the first global language. English has been America's common language since its foundation. However, English is recently in danger of losing its status as a national language.

What if a national language was put into law and the language that has been a part of the speaker's culture is abandoned? Would immigrants feel pressured in exchange for English in their homes? Even though making English the official language does not mean other languages cannot be used in day-to-day private life, but the debate on whether the United States should declare English as its official language has been a topic thoroughly discussed among the halls of Congress and Constitution for some time now (Headden, and Bernfeld). Countless people have challenged this policy at which several different companies in English since language has always been an important part of a media in humans' communication, a country's culture, and ways of life. It is an issue that affects millions of individuals and has implications that may not be entirely known to those that it most seriously affects. English only laws...