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Satanic Ritual Abuse is a psychological, sexual, and/or physical assault forced on a reluctant human victim and committed by one or more Satanists according to a prescribed ritual. They do this in order to prove to Satan they worshiping him, the Christian devil. This is a realistic problem all over the states and Canada right now and many people are dying and abused.

They perform specific rituals on days such as, Birthdays, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These days are celebrating the Great Sabbaths, evil festivals that include abuse, murder, mutilation, rape and child abuse.

The estimated number of people that are murdered by believers could be as high as 50,000 people. There are no exact statistics on these numbers. If these numbers prove to be correct it is a bigger problem than expected in the North America.

Very deadly believers are those that are part of organized satanic groups such as the Official Church of Satan (http://www.churchofsatan.com/home.html).

These types of groups are more secretive but much more vial with their sacrifices and abuse. There are reputable police, journalists, therapists, and church workers that believe that the evidence is as clear and convincing even if the FBI is in denial.

Proofs enough are the murders such as the murders by Charles Mason's California's "Family" in the 60's, by New York's "Son of Sam" in the 70's, and many more in the 80's and 90's. These people died having to deal with drugs, orgies, murder and abuse leading to murder. Some of this Satan hidden traditional violence contains sexual abuse, torture, and murder of infants and children.

Satanists involve children at young ages to endorse in their "fun" in being cruel. The way they believe are the more evil the deed the worse the punishment such as beatings, starvation, ingesting urine and bowel movements of animals or/and people and the list goes on. The main idea is to perform something with hatred disgust to make the devil proud of the work you are doing.

Many of the children eventually don't survive. They end up being sacrificed to the devil, go insane, or commit suicide. Those that do survive appear to be normal until their memory comes out to haunt them.

Their horrid memory of the cultic abuse of their pets or friends is repressed in their unconscious minds. It often requires many years of therapy for the causes of a survivor's disorders to come out. There are counselling centres that suspect that all of their clients have been victims of incest or ritual abuse. Memories of abuse often surface after "Recovered Memory Therapy", which often involves hypnotism and guided imagery. Even though many disagree many therapists continue to believe that all memories are absolutely true and accurate, whether recovered or always present. Many non-believers are non-believers because they feel these therapists are putting ideas into the persons mind and making them in time believe the incident as if it happened, even it t did not. There are many survivors that believe this to be false as they say it does happen more than people might believe.

The memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse are by thousands of people that are based on reality that have not undergone "Recovered Memory Therapy" are based on reality as the rituals are exactly alike. They even have in common the colours of everything used and exact steps taken. The problem that comes out is that many people pretend they have had these incidences and convince themselves that but because it is so far off than the majority many researchers and FBI agents do not take it seriously, as they should.

Memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse are very damaging to a person's future in life. They are a big chunk of the people who keep getting fired, stay single and do not go to the hospital under any circumstance; say in a study of adult survivors in Washington State. These people often become suicidal either immediately with time and try to end their life.

Satanic Cults continue to attack the youth in our society and keep getting away with it because of the non-believers. The difficulty people have believing they actually exist give them an open door to commit their awful rituals and keep committing their crimes. They ruin people's lives one at a time and soon they will do something immense to impress their lord the devil. If people do not start believing in reality, the truth, we might all be really sorry sooner than later.