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Wow!!! I can barely believe it, another year gone!!! You know what they say, "time flies when you're having fun." I have learned a great deal of information this past year, while at the same time having a lot of fun. I feel more than confident moving on to the next year thanks to all my newfound education.

I've had many strengths and weaknesses in English this year. My strengths have grown tremendously since last year. My writing skills have grown a lot over this past year. Also, my spelling has improved in ways I never thought were possible. My weaknesses are starting to go down but they still stand high. I still need to work more on my memorization techniques. My reading has gotten to be a little sloppy as well this year. I hope to overcome all of my weaknesses and increase my strengths as much as possible in the future.

This year has helped me discover a lot about myself as a learner and a person. As a learner, I have discovered a treasure. I have found out that I am able to learn anything that I set my mind too. I've also discovered that there is always more room left when it comes to learning because u can never have too much education. I have learned many things about me as a person. I have discovered that I am a very nice and loving person. I have also found out that I am a very generous person when it comes to lending a hand. I know that I am a great learner just as much as I am a person.

I've had a little of my most and least challenging aspects in this class. The most challenging aspect I've had was public speaking. I get nervous quickly when I have to be in front of a lot of people and have to present something. I also get scared that they might not like what I have to say about what I am presenting. My least challenging aspect was writing the controversial essay. I enjoyed writing the controversial essay because I had a lot to say about the subject that I chose to do. I also had fun doing this essay because I liked giving my opinion on the subject and hearing the opposite opinion on the subject. I have learned to deal with all these aspects one at a time.

I have very little to regret and a lot to remember about this class. I regret that I didn't take advantage about everything that was offered to me in this class. I regret that I didn't have the chance to learn all I could about the essay writing method. I also feel sorry that I didn't get the chance to improve my grammar. I have a lot to remember about this class. I will always remember the people that had this class with me and I will remember how much fun they made this class for me. I will also remember how much I have learned in this class. Although there are things I regret not doing, I will always remember the things that made my stay most memorable.

Yippy!!! I'm done!!! I can't believe how quick this year past me by. I am thankful for everything that I learned and for everyone that I have met this year. I cannot begin to tell u how much this year has affected my life and I am glad to say that it has changed my life in a positive way. I am glad top say that I am ready to move on to the next year, so bring it on!!! Well, what more can I say but yippy!!!