[ENGLISH] Science Fiction STORY ; PART 2

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(8:00 the next morning .On the main deck, in the Captains cabin)

"We must contact the U.S Space Marshals on this matter" the Captain sighed, beckoning to the end of the message, on the computer, "It must be confidential. What has been said or seen in this room must stay in the room!" ordered Captain Tomwell, swiveling around in his chair to look at us.

"There will be a search party made and then they will investigate what is in the message and of course where it came from" the Captain said wearily, rubbing his temple in circular motions, "They have considered in sending some of our people into their investigation, Brian Connor and Charlie Adams. I'm considering sending you both to join the rescue party. I hear they need experienced piloters....So you're both up for it?" the Captain asked smiling slightly.

"Thank you so much sir!" smiled Charlie shaking the Captains hand.

We walked out of the room and into our cabins. The Captain had told us to travel light, so I packed only a few pair of clothes and other necessary things into my suitcase. I clamped it shut and made my way to Charlie's cabin.

I rapped quietly with my knuckles on her door.

"Who is it?" Charlie answered muffled.

"It's me Brian!" I said, leaning against the door, casually.

"You can come in" she replied, unlocking the door.

I stepped into the room and felt instantly at home. The room reminded me of my mother. The scent of lavenders and incense, the bright rainbow colors of Charlie's scarves, littered on the floor.

My mother was a hippy (one of those freedom 'fighters'), that was until she was killed accidentally when her van was hit by a truck, killing her instantly.

Charlie was an...