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(Preparing for departure)

The following day we all assembled to the rescue ship. It was a twelve-seater rescue/carrier ship, known to be used in armies. It was so fast that it supposedly could do 489 laps of an oval in three seconds. I was excited.....

There were twelve people altogether on the rescue team. Including Jason, Charlie, a medic named Derek, Nurse Anita, three experienced army personnel- Walters, Smith and Smart. Also on the mission were three government investigators Sana Loven, Matthew Parnt and Jessica Vovers.

Our main mission was to work as a team to bring any type of life forms back to Earth and if there are any humans... to rescue them.

I was piloting this mission and Charlie would be taking over half way through.

We all congregated onto the ship. Before that we were given an hour long farewell ceremony. Including the deal... National Anthem, political speeches etc.....

It was all very touching, the speeches about our one earth nation...I really wasn't into that type of stuff, but Charlie was and she loved it.

I sat into my pilot seat, turned on the engine and the ship took off, destined to reach an unknown planet...

I set the ship on autopilot, after sketching the course into the computer. Charlie came up behind me and put a warm hand on my shoulder.

"Is everything all right?"

"Yeah!" I replied, leaning back my head to look into her face. "So how'd you like my friend?" I teased.

She blushed.

"Wow! Charlie! What's the colour of red?" I turned around to look at her closely. "This has to be the second time I saw you blush today!"

She didn't say anything but shoved me hard in the shoulder before going back to her seat. I laughed...