English: Shakespeare: Shakespeare the Feminist? Taming of the shrew

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English: Shakespeare:

Shakespeare the Feminist? Taming of the shrew June 14, 1998


Shakespeare the femenist? Taming of the shrew by Vedat Gashi The taming of the shrew by william shakespeare is a play which is ahead of its time in its views toward gender roles within society. Katherine is a woman who is intelligent, and is not afraid to assert her views on any given situation. She is paired with another obstinate character in Pertuchio. The Marrige formed between the two is a match made in heaveanfor two reasons. First Because Katherine is strong enough to assert her views, and more importantly, she realizes when she should asssert them. The second reason the bond survives is that Petruchio is strong enough to accept the fact that Katherine has a mind and, more importantly he lloves her for that reason. Petruchio cleaverly weaves the relationship into the framework of society without comprimising the integruty of the relationship.

Petruchio does this by comparing katherines at titude to repulsive clothing.Carefully and calculatingly, Petruchio forges a relationship that is envied by all who witness it. Called "cursed Kate" throught the play, katherine is openly jealous of the attention he sister is recieving, whereas she, because she speaks her mind, is being bypassed and even avioded in the wooing proccess. Katherine reveals this attitude in act 2 scene1, lines 31-35, "nay, now i see she is your treasure, she must have a husband;i must dance barefoot on my wedding day, and for your love to her, lead the apes to hell. Talk not to me i will sit and weep!...." This anger is not conncealed, it serves to provide motivation as to why a rational person would rebuke petrucchio so rudely upon first encountering him. Katherine surely realizes that petruchio is is interested...