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Beyond The Time Continuum

Control Time Before Time Controls You

For Science

Due April 18, 2002

By Scott Glover

Brief info on the Three Foes

A squad of elite Humans from the future going through the time continuum to save mankind from not going through with plans to use an anti gravity beacon that pushes galaxies away

A breed of creatures that has taken over earth and used it as their breeding ground ever since the galaxies became so close together

The Preadatorian are feared by many and travels from planet to planet hunting any thing they can find. With their ability to blend light they are almost impossible to see . They are smart and are able to speak English

Beyond The Time Continuum

Control Time Before Time Controls You

Our story takes place in the year 3000 when the galaxies collided as gravity pulls them closer together. In the human laboratory at the strong hold in the ruins of Ottawa.

Dr bond discovers that not only the galaxies are getting closer , in the middle of the galaxies here every thing is getting pulled to the mysterious time continuum. In about two weeks or less the remaining parts of galaxies will get sucked into. Throughout the past two years 7 planets from another galaxie have entered into the Milky Way. One planet crashed directly into earth which created a massive planet. On the planet that collided a deadly race of aliens appeared. With their deadly speed and sharp claws they quickly swept through China driving what remains of the humans out. This species contains a lot of knowledge and can see in the dark. Days later The Predators arrived originally they were hunting the aliens now that we captured one to study it they are after us.