English Speech-"Remember the Titans", "Freaky Friday".

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Popular Culture - the peoples culture that's exists within all societies, it is determined by industries that distribute cultural material, such as film, television and punt media. (eg. magazines)

Popular culture is apart of our everyday life, it includes practices like, cooking, clothing, mass media, language, literature, entertainment and sport. I will be talking to you all today about the following movies Remember the Titans, Freaky Friday and analyzing the popular culture that is invested within them.

The two things both movies had in common were that they had families that were both rich except for the black families. One of the players drove his high powered car into oncoming traffic then getting hit by a truck and losing use of his legs. Nevertheless there is a scene in Freaky Friday were the parents are driving the kids to school and they own a Porsche Cayenne. Further implying that popular culture is portrayed through, how much money they have.

They also had music that the teenagers enjoyed in the both of the films; Freaky Friday had rock because the main character played in a rock band as a guitarist, rock music was seen as cool because it was pumped out by the media. Though Remember the Titans had music which they called soul music compared to Freaky Friday it was totally different, for example "Ain't no Mountain High Enough".

Popular culture is portrayed in school spirit where they have a car in the middle of a mass crowd of students, the other teams name is on the car and they're using a baseball bat to bash it. Popular culture is thriving in this scene because it is an example of school spirit. Freaky Friday didn't have a popular culture in school spirit.

The main character in Freaky Friday liked...