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People have been striving for equality ever since they saw how much they were discriminated against. A major discrimination is the wage gap between women and men. Despite working the same job women are continually paid less and the culprits are getting away with it. One passage that expresses the inhumanity of wage gaps is written by Cassandra Commercia. Her article, entitled "The Wage Gap: Men, Women, and Pay", shed new light on the subject with facts and examples that people overlook. There is an inequality between the sexes and it should be stopped.

Many people go to work and through a casual conversation find out that the person next to them has a higher salary. This can be reasonable , but what if that person had the same experience, same job, and the same education? Would you think that something was wrong? Maybe you have gotten the worst half of the wage gap (Commercia - 1).

The wage gap is a condition where you earn less than a counterpart for doing the same thing. Millions of women every year experience this in some form or another because there are only minor laws that hold discrimination from taking over. In the article by Cassandra Commercia it states that on average women earn 75 cents for every dollar that a man earns. In another part of the article, studies from Chicago show that the wage gap has only narrowed by 1 percent each year since 1980. This is far from recognizable progress and shows us that there is a problem in our hands. This isn't just a phenomenon deticated to only one area and type of job. It has been shown to exist in the higher paying jobs as well. For instance, the chart on page 3 tells us that...