English translation to the 3rd and 4th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Fantasy' CD.

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Track 3: Simple Love

I don't know why, I became so initiated

When you're in love, anything is worth doing

I want to boldly announce that I can't bear to leave you

Even the neighbor can guess how I'm feeling now


The lake breeze gently caresses the hair

A miraculous feeling overcomes me when holding your hand

I want to bring you back to my grandma's home

To watch the sunset together till we fall asleep


I want to hold your hand like this without letting go

Can love be this pure forever without sorrow

I want to bring you on a bicycle ride, I want watch a game of baseball with you

To be like this without worries and keep walking whilst singing

I want to hold your hand like this without letting go

Can love be this simple without hurting

With you leaning against my shoulder, falling asleep in my embrace

Leading a life like this where I'll love you and you'll love me

Wishing to love in this simple manner

Wishing to love in this simple manner

Track 4: Nija

A little shrine in the wine house

The gate separates the shop from the goose eggs

A faith that measures about one meter wide

I sit and drink miso soup while admiring the fake scenery in the courtyard

The night in Kyoto smells of the tatami's straw while meditating

Over there ~ wishing in the temple, a scenario flashes by

Over here ~ A ninja covers his face, while blowing his secret weapons

In the heart ~ Images of shogunates appear

The Yamate line in ancient Tokyo is like a nostalgic silent film

He~~~ He~~~ Hei~~~

The ideals of the Igaryu ninjas ~Hei~

Only knowing how to fight with a katana ~Hei~

I stay at...