English translation to the 5th and 6th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Fantasy' CD.

Essay by pengin April 2003

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Track 5: Unable to Speak

I just left you for a while and I'm already wondering how you are now

My entire life belongs to you, just thinking of you keeps me from falling asleep

Those smiles on your lips are just so cute and you always smelled of the perfect perfume

You are my happiness, thinking of you just makes me smile


Your absence causes my misery

(Your absence causes my depression and frustration)

Without you bothering makes me frustrated

(Without you bothering me makes me frustrated and miserable)

Breaking through the clouds, trying to reach out for you in time

Love arrives but you were there in the loving arms of another


I was just unable to let you know

I will always be there for you and to make you smile

Just how important you are to me I regret not telling you

Silently listening to you, watching you sleep still eternity

I was just unable to let you know

It's just those few simple phrases and yet I'm unable to say them

Your heart is there but I can only see it from afar

All these I can achieve but that person is no longer me

Track 6: Shanghai 1945

The old New Year's couplet remains on the wall

A few words of well wishes can still be spotted

The rice pot in the old home that I have never visited

Grandpa uses calligraphy to write a couplet

The Golden Pothos plant grows over the door which has flower carvings

The slanting sunset is imprinted on the dirt-stained brick wall

The wooden-tiled floor sets the atmosphere of the house

The fermented soya bean drink which grandma used to brew


I looked at the black and white photos and began to imagine how mom...