English translation to the 5th and 6th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

Essay by pengin April 2003

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Track 5: Bullfight

If you've got anything you're unhappy about, just spit it out

Don't hide in a corner and rebut when you feel like it

What are you boasting about, do you really know basketball

Stay on if you have guts and have a 3 on 3 "bullfight"

The 3-pointer shot froze in the air

Everyone looks to me when I shoot

I single-handedly dribble down the court, under the hoop I miraculously passed the ball

Pretending to shoot was a false move, I was cool huh

Everyone now eyes the defender as the ball enters the danger zone

The duty of snatching the rebounds and scoring now falls on me

You took the ball but didn't shoot, and you didn't know how to defend me either

Choosing you as a teammate was a mistake, I must have been blind

RAP~ Say how did the scoring stop

It is still not moving, who let the scores stop

My girlfriend is cheering me on the side

But why do you still make a fool out of me

Speak up.

How did you snatch my ball

Speak up. Why did you hit my hand

Say it. You don't want your life anymore?

Speak up and face me

Drop the ball, I'm enraged

I've wanted to hit you for ages, don't even try to leave

Speak up and look into my eyes

Don't tremble, and lift up your head

If there's anything, talk to the first aid box and don't blame me for that

6) Black Humour (Hei Se You Mo)

Sad, it's because I've been frustrated for so long

It's because I've thought too much

I'm letting my imagination get the better of me

You say that you always have that bitter smile

That our being together feels very forced

Should you break up with me then?

Don't think too much

I think I must have heard it wrong, been mistaken, got it wrong

Please, I think there's something wrong with your mind

Say anything, actually I've already guessed it, seen through you

Don't think too much

It's just that I'm afraid I can't hold back the tears

I don't understand your black humour

Thought it through

But you confound me once again

You say we should break up

Have you thought about it long?

I don't want to expose your lies

I'll take it as a joke you made

Thought it through

But you confound me once again

You say we should break up

Have you thought about it long?

I've been defeated by your black humour

My sincerity has been defeated by your black humour