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Ethical issues that have circulated in the world of sports have been around for years, ranging from the use of performance enhancing drugs to holding athletes on a higher pedestal than the rest of society. With more endorsement deals and how professional sports as a business is growing and changing, the more issues arise. One of the biggest concerns that have been pondered for years in sports is the implementation of random drug testing. It has never been recognized in any professional sport to this day. Even though there can been random in many other professions, it seems that athletes once again are being held to a different set of standards than that of the rest of us. If other jobs are subject to random drug screenings, that why should professional sports be any different?

There is a multitude of stakeholders in this type of situation. Ranging from the athletes, they themselves get tested, to the fans that purchase the tickets to see them play.

From the athlete's standpoint, they see it as an infringement on their personal rights as human beings. Their case is such that they see random drug testing, or even scheduled drug testing, a violation of their personal privacy. In other such cases, when an athlete has tried to take the situation to court after being tested positive for illegal substances, they blame the handlers and testers of the samples for the tests results being positive.

"Despite the attention paid to quality control, doping cases are often taken to court by the athlete concerned in an attempt to find weak points in the testing process and thus

invalidate the results. Usually the focus is on administrative aspects related to sample collection, sealing and transportation. However, concerns about the analytical work carried out in the...