Enhancing women's full participation in electoral processes in post-conflict countries.

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FORUM: Special Conference on 'Gender Equality',

Question of: Enhancing women's full participation in electoral processes in post-conflict countries.

Deeply Concerned: that there are still numerous governments in the world that do not allow women the right to vote.

Recognizing: The importance of post conflict countries, to include all of its citizens in deciding a new government.

Deeply Conscious: that in many post conflict nations, inequality in both race and gender are present.

Congratulating: organizations such as Universal Declaration of Human rights, Convention of Political Rights of Women, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women etc. In the progression of gender equality.

Emphasizing: the importance for More Economically Developed Countries to collaborate with post conflict countries in improving women's rights as a whole.

1. Calls Upon: Member nations to promote better understanding of women through:

a. Social implications such as, Co-ed schools, community centers, phone hotlines etc.

b. Advertisement using Billboards, Media and radio

c. Legislation. (outlawing crimes against women)

2. Calls For: A better understanding of women through:

a. Education: Informing the people of different contributions made by both

genders, constructing libraries etc.

b. Religion

c. Culture: Allowing the people to realize that culture is unique and should be respected from both women and man's point of view

3. Recommends: Governments around the world to create a better system of

Monitoring gender equality in post war countries by:

a. Allowing representatives to go to such nations, and assess the implications made by the government first hand.

b. Interviewing women inside the country, to see how they are better or worse off than before.

c. Creating an organization within the country, enabling women to voice their opinions about changes made, and if the government is really making a difference.

4. Proposes: Countries with larger...