Enlightenment for Modern Women from Gone with the Wind

Essay by AngelinaWL September 2014

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Enlightenment for Modern Women from Gone with the Wind

By Angelina Wang

June 1 , 2014


The famous novel Gone with the Wind is the only work of the American female writer Margaret Mitchell's. Since it was published in 1936, this novel has caused a huge worldwide repercussion. In 1937 the novel won the Pulitzer Prize and the Associations of American Publishers Award, and it was adapted into 18 kinds of languages, and swept the world. Till now, Gone with the Wind has been sold more than thirty million in the global circulation, and has also gained population among thousands of readers.

Through the ages, many literary works have created many distinct and unique women, and their success also set good examples for us modern women. Margaret's Gone with the Wind is such a typical work .Many researchers from home and abroad have been studying on this novel, but they are only aimed at Scarlet.

Melanie is seldom mentioned. This paper is going to analyze Scarlet and Melanie, not just confined to Scarlet. Scarlet and Melanie are two different women who were born and lived in the old south society. Scarlet is cheerful and lively, with a beautiful appearance, and she is confident and strong as well as brave. She also has her own unique ideas; what's more, she is independent and has a strong sense of responsibility. Though tied to the traditional thoughts at that time, she chooses to fight like a man regardless of others' criticism, and finally achieves great accomplishment in her career. And Melanie's disposition is gentle and kind-hearted, humble and tolerant, loving, and has her unique personal charm. She is so adept at managing family that her family is so harmonious and happy. With the development and advancement of our society, modern women are...