Enough Is Enough

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Enough is Enough There is beauty everywhere, whether it is in the sunrise or the face of a loved one. The problem is that not every person sees beauty in the same way. One person can look in nature to find absolute perfection; another could look at a clouded city and see the same thing. In some cases though, people tend to look deeply into what they are seeing, and they use elaborate figures of speech to describe it. Willingly or not every person has been exposed to poetry, but this kind of writing is not always understood. Poets are known for the use of simile and metaphor, and some would argue that these are used to excess. Ogden Nash explores this opinion in a poem entitled "Very Like a Whale". Since almost everyone in America has read poetry it has in some way altered our view of life. How do poets' affect our way of thinking and looking at everyday life and romance? Ogden Nash was one of the most popular humorists of his time.

He wrote poems that covered topics like modern society, public figures, politicians, parent/child relationships, and the absurdities of everyday life. He was a poet that crossed boundaries for the purpose of making his point. "He fashioned a style of writing which, Nash admitted, intentionally maltreated and man-handled every known rule of grammar, prosody, and spelling."(Discovering) The critics always received Nash well, but he never was really considered seriously because of the humor in his poems. Critic Morris Bishop said "Ogden Nash is the only American except Walt Whitman who has created a new poetic form and has imposed it on the world."(Discovering) Ogden Nash was able to take poetry to a new level of humor rather than the usual topic of depression or...