Enron Collapse

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The collapse of Enron is a horrible tragedy for the workers and investors participating in the growth of the corporation. So much miscommunication and so many lies combined to make one of the largest scams in the history of our world. It contained large amounts of corruption plus the greed of already wealthy millionaires. I cannot get into this tragedy into great detail, because very few individuals actually know how to tell lies apart from the truth. Enron was a company of greatness, one with thousands upon thousands of working people, along with the few greedy money grabbers that we're willing to scam the people of their company for their own fortunes. The corporation has had some excellent business strategies, such as creating a monopoly in California without showing it. It successfully destroyed all small energy providers and raised the prices of energy because there was lack of a salary cap.

This was because of the deregulation taking place. The company did have the good wealthy people too. Only a few put this weight on the industry. Others just got caught in the middle not knowing of what was happening underneath their fingertips. Lawyers, Secretaries, Accountants… All involved in the misunderstandings of life.

Now after reviewing the articles, I've concluded a small amount of unanswered questions. The biggest one being; Why on earth wasn't this stopped? Why did they continue what they were doing even though they knew it was wrong? Did they really think they could fix it? But going deeper into the subject, has to be the question, Why didn't the hard workers of Enron Corp. see this coming from the get-go? Didn't they see their stock falling even though their boss told them everything was all right? Did they really think it would be all right if...