Entering Foreign Markets(Taiwan)

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Product and Target Market Planning

1)Product Concept

Competitive Advantages

* According to Researhers taiwan will import more products especially organic foods,pulses,and electronics

* Demand for organic food including grains, beans, lentils, tree nuts and dehydrated fruits is increasing. Among beverages, herb teas, apple juice and vegetable juice are in demand. (2004 The Economist Intelligence Unit)

* Imports of organic food are high and the US is the main supplier. (Ä°geme 2005)

* The land and climate are not good enough to do farming .Typhoons hit the island regularly between July and September, and occasionally cause substantial damage.

* Because of scarcty of land ,farming in Taiwan is very costly and low.

* But the only pulse they produce is rice .

* Rice is the most important product to export.

* But the most of the pulse requirement is been fullfilled by imports.

* However, domestic food industries have continued to create an enormous demand for agricultural products, including contracted crops and seasoning agricultural products.

Product attributes

Lentils:Seeds are packages in wheat and broken forms.It is rich of proteins, and also includes iron and magnesium.It doesn't include fat and people living near Akdeniz,MiddleEast can never give it up.

Rice:In the ancient years it was being produced in China.Brown rice has more calorie than white rice.In the outer part, there are protein and minerals while itincludes carbohyrdrate in the iner part.

Beans:It is grown for the seeds.It has many kinds such as Great Northern,sailor beans,inside-part beans.White beans include protein and carbohydrate.

Boulgour:ıt can be cooked very easily and has many kinds at different volumes.It has a very hihg calorie and it tastes very close to nuts.Vegeterians can eas instead of the meat.

Cheakpeas:It can be used in fodds and deserts, meat foods. And...