Entering International Markets

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Entering International Markets

Tiffany Nicole Jackson

University of Phoenix

Global Business Strategies


Steven Stromp

27 September 2007



Entering International Markets

The simulation was about a company, named Trinezza, which produced scooters, called the Cynta. The decided to go global by producing and selling the scooters in a country called Sentonia. Before selecting a mode of entry, I was asked to formulate a new SWOTT analysis for entering this new foreign market.

The major elements of the SWOTT of Trinezza that I selected were:

Strengths: Brand identification and Product

Weaknesses: International experience, company size, production capacity, financial resources, and price

Opportunities: Foreign competition, size of middle class, and merchandising/accessories

Threats: Local business environment and local competitors

I was almost on target. The simulation suggested I reconsider some of my choices. It showed me an optimal SWOTT, which was almost similar to mine.

The differences were:

Strengths: Product

Weaknesses: Brand identification, international experience, production capacity, financial resources, and price

Opportunities: Foreign competition and size of middle class

Threats: Local business environment and local competitors

Larger companies have several advantages over smaller companies when it to choosing a mode of entry strategy. One main advantage is that larger companies have more resources than smaller companies. The larger company will have more resources and larger production, thus they will have more options when choosing a mode of entry. They also will have more financial resources or financial backing and it will be easy to compete with foreign competitors. Also with more financial resources they can fight the competition by being able to purchase foreign competitors and re-brand the existing company with their name.

For Trinezza's mode of entry, I selected licensing because they are a small company with...