Entertaining Through Violence

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Entertaining through violence Undoubtedly our generation is a very violent generation. Now, we need to ask ourselves, where does this come from? Where has our generation learned and acquired so much violence? Why has it increased so much in the last forty to fifty years, compared to hundreds and hundreds of years before? I believe the answer is that for the last forty to fifty years, television, the media and technology have contributed greatly to this problem, willingly or unwillingly, well we really do not know , or do we? Here is an idea taken from an article titled " The impact of viewing violence"� from the Proquest database, author is unknown. Imagine you are not in the 1990s anymore. You are now sitting in a wood shingled house in Indiana in the year 1880. There is no television, no movie theater, no computers, no electric power, no cars, and your father reads a newspaper aloud but you only hear the bits he considers "suitable"� for the family.

At night by the light of a gas lamp, your mother reads a chapter from Charles Dickens' " Oliver Twist"�. Your younger brother and sister have already been "shoved"� off to bed because your mother has come to the chapter in which the thief Bill Sikes, murders Nancy, the young woman who loves him and the little ones are too young to hear the story. " Bill ,dear Bill, you cannot have the heart to kill me"� , cries Nancy. You can almost imagine the scene, the girl trying to hold Bill's arms and lay her head on his chest, and Bill almost insane with fury. You can hardly breathe while Bill strikes Nancy's upturned face twice, and then as she raises her hands toward heaven, Dickens describes the end of the...