Entertainment Changes

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Entertainment has evolved rapidly over the years largely due to the help of technological advancements. Entertainment comes in many forms today such as sports, recreational activities, television, computer technology, entertainment systems, books/comics, audio, software and many more.

Sports are entertaining for obvious reasons; it involves athleticism, excitement and most of all competitiveness. This competitiveness is also relevant in other recreational activities such as Bowling, Pool, Ping-Pong etc.

Television and film are extremely influential in the entertainment business, involving special effects, Camera Tricks, writers, Producers and the most known celebrities.

Computer Technology is highly influential as television and film industry rely highly on Computer technology. One clear example of this is the incredible advancements in special effects.

Audio has come a long way as well. From the records, to the tapes, to the CDs, to the Mini Discs, to today's latest the MP3's. The record player played the records which looked like giant CDs, As the need for improvement increased, the Tapes were invented which could be played in a home or car stereo but after a while the walkman would play the tapes.

These tapes are still used throughout the world because of the price and the ability record over them as many times a person wanted to. The need for compactness and better sounding music was still there. Then the era of CDs began. When they first came out they were very expensive and were expected to be a flop but that never happened because of the digital quality of music; CDs could only be recorded on once by using a CD Burner. But then came the Rewritable Compact Disc but that could only be played on special Players. So CD's became a hit, and then someone thought of compressing the information into a little disc, The...