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Universal Studios, located in Orlando, Florida, is a popular attraction for many Floridians as well as people from outside of Florida. This enjoyable fairy tale land full of parks, shops, and nightclubs has brought a great economical impact on Florida by tourism and has provided many jobs for others.

While located in the heart of Florida, Universal Studios has people from all over the world visiting its massive park. After its grand opening in 1964,Universal sky rocketed, adding new rides and attractions yearly. Mainly movies at the time, the evolving theme park became very successful by winning the Academy Award for "best sound" and "best special effects" for it's attraction, Earthquake, in 1975. Many other opening of rides has contributed to the successes of Universal such as: King Kong In 1985, the Earthquake ride, and E.T. Adventure. In 1999, Universal's City Walk is presented. This entrance between the two parks Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios itself contains nightclubs, restaurants, and many shops to grab tourists on their way out of the parks.

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and the Hard Rock Café Orlando are main attractions to City Walk as well as The Groove and the Universal Cineplex twenty-screen theater. Around the same time, Universal launched the opening of its other theme park, Islands of Adventure. This park includes areas such as the famous children's book Dr. Seuss landing and Dudley Do-Right.

With such immense tourism taking place, Orlando has become one of the hottest and fastest growing spots in Florida. Opening in 1971, Walt Disney World gave way to the beginning of Orlando's tourism spree. Continuing through today, Orlando has harbored tourists for over thirty years.

The opening of the parks and City Walk has provided many people with jobs. The restaurants alone have supplied hundreds of citizens...