Entertainment parks

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Entertainment Parks

The strategy of decision-making is what makes an electronic company different from the traditional brick-and-mortar business. According to Thrill Seekers, our evaluation of four of the most well known amusement parks include: Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Six Flags. The purpose of this paper is to describe, compare and contrast how the supply chain has been modified from the brick-and-mortar environment by the use of the Internet. Each company has been studied and summarized individually for the purpose of this assignment to offer the major points of our conclusion.

Universal Studios®

Universal Studios® uses the web in a wide variety of ways to improve their relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. They use the web to create efficient, automated supply chain and distribution channels for its many subsidiaries. At Universal Studios® Citywalk, the gateway to Universal Orlando, the design of a fully digital 24-channel audio system that includes the design of visual systems that incorporate large video screens displays which attract millions of tourists who pass Citywalk's main entryway every day.

This marketing tool features entertainment content 24/7, but also adds strategic content.

Most brick-and-mortar business dealings involve a physical interaction and give businesses the means to know exactly whom they're dealing with. But with the internet website universalstudios.com the focus is on its customers with features dedicated toward surrounding restaurants and on line hotels. These organizations pay the theme park in order to exist so close by. Through the use of their website customers can experience and focus there attentions on any particular area of interest and gain the knowledge desired. They can shop through ticket and vacation offers visually experience its online hotels and guest services within the comfort of their homes. Another added benefit is the security of confidentiality of...