Entire week long unit of Lesson plans for fourth grade science. Water cycle activities included.

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5th Grade Standard for Science: 5. Waves, wind, water, and ice shape and reshape Earth's land surface. As a basis for understanding this concept: Students know moving water erodes landforms, reshaping the land by taking it away from some places and depositing it as pebbles, sand, silt, and mud in other places (weathering, transport, and deposition).


Students will be graded on how well they recreated the water cycle and showed proper understanding of the effects water has on the earth.

2. They will be graded on their homework definitions of key terms.


This unit is designed to give students of all learning styles an understanding of the water cycle. The first two days are informational for auditory learners, the third and fourth days are for visual and kinesthetic learners, then the fifth is a review key vocabulary terms, which will particularly help any ELLs in your classroom.

Also, technology will be used by way of informational pictures posted on power point. This lesson should allow for multiple and a prolonged explanations, including wait time, on the process and vocabulary of water cycle.

Day 1

Introduction to Water

Opener: Ask students what it is they use everyday for brushing teeth, washing faces, etc. Quickly have students shout out the many other ways and places water is used.

Objective: The students should be able to get an overall idea of water's purpose and helpfulness.

Introduction: On the white board, review with students the facts they already know about water. Record answers. Ask students if they ever think about what happens to water after it falls from the sky or goes down the drain. Discuss the ideas.

Instruction/ Guided Practice: Tell students you are about to read a book that will give them many facts about water, some that they...