Entity Business Plan

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Entity Business Plan

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BUS/415 Business Law

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Many decisions need to be made when considering a new business venture.

The success rate of a new business surviving at least two years is approximately two-thirds; therefore, careful consideration needs to be taken when making these decisions in order to succeed. Before starting a business, an individual needs to become acquainted with the different types of business organizations in order to decide which type it should operate as. Differentiating between the strengths and weaknesses of the business organizations and the legal issues that impact the structures will aid in determining what type is best suited for the business venture. After reviewing the different factors involved, an initial business plan for Designer Flooring, a high-end flooring contractor will be developed.

There are various types of business organizations that exist: general partnership, sole proprietorship, limited partnership, (LLC) limited liability Company, corporation, an S-corporation, or a franchise. Choosing...