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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction Of The Company

i) Our Business Philosophy

ii) Company Setup

iii) Organization Plan

iv) Key Personnel

v) Future Outlook and Trend of The Industry

3. Industry Analysis

i) Introduction of the Industry

ii) Type of Filter System

iii) Water Filter Treatment Technology

iv) The Effect of Contaminated Water to Our Life

4. The Competitive Analysis

i) The Advantages of Using Bio Energy Water and Home Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

ii) Some of the benefits of consuming the clean water

5. Market Strategy And Planning


i) Product Range

ii) Product Life Cycle (PLC)

b) Sales Channel

c) Pricing Structure

d) Product Sales Promotion

e) Product Positioning

6. E-commerce Marketing Strategies

7. Marketing Objectives

i) Building a Competitive Edge

8. Assessment of Risk (SWOT)

i) Strengths

ii) Weaknesses

iii) Opportunities

iv) Threats

v) Some Comments on SWOT

9. Company Mission Statement

10. Operation Plan

i) Premises & Facilities

ii) Operation Layout

11. Financial Planning & projection

i) Financial Planning

a) Investment capacity for Elinet

b) Equity (%)

c) Initial Capital Investment

d) Operating Expenses

ii) Financial Projection

a) Summary Data for 5 years Estimated Sales Unit & Income Statement

b) Projected Profit and Loss

c) Projected Balance Sheet

12. Future Development Plan - 5 years Return

i) Products Synergy Consolidation Development

ii) Market penetration

iii) Market Segment Development

iv) Product Development & Diversification

13. Conclusion

14. References

15. Appendixes


Entrepreneurship is the result of a disciplined, systematic process of applying creativity and innovation to needs and opportunities in the marketplace. It involves applying focused strategies to new ideas and new insights to create a product or a service that satisfies customers' needs or solves their problems. His much more than random, disjointed tinkering with a new gadget. Millions of...