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Description of Venture

1. Company mission statement

The company strives to promote the consumption of healthy snacks to the society by providing quality non-fat chocolate.

The company aims to bring superior Customer Relationship Management into practice while focusing on the development of the "Young Generation" market.

The company will undertake international branding strategy to facilitate future market development across borders.

2. Company objective

Creation of a new marketplace with a new product to reach customer needs. The non-fat chocolate will be the key of the future desire snack.

3. Company products

Non-fat chocolate, tested by Singapore polytechnic, the taste is same as others but it add one of ingredient to make chocolate no fat.

4. Sources of competitive advantage

Although other companies have many years experience and well-known in the market but only we have the technology to make the non-fat chocolate. Nowadays people look at health and ladies want to keep fit so the non-fat food will occupy the market and become popular.

5. Create value for customers

Manufacturing the products and send it to health care center or fitness beauty salon, build up our credit to achieving them trust our products.

6. Office equipment and personnel

Fax machine - 1

Telephone - 1

Desk and chair - 3

Printer - 1

Computer - 2

Financial and shipping manager - 1

Marketing and Production manager - 1

Production worker - 1

Deliveryman - 1

7. Background of entrepreneurs

Ms. Li jiao is founder and CEO of New Dream Co.(NDC), she also work as financial and shipping manager, she was worked as merchandiser in Cambodia for two years and shipping manager for one year, now she is studying at Center Management of Excellent (CME) in Singapore.

Ms. Wang Chongjun also is founder and vice CEO of NDC, she in charge...