Entrepreneurship Business Plan

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Entrepreneur Business Plan

Plan summary:

'Ana's Shoes' is a start-up business currently based in Croatia. Idea is to start producing and offering custom made footwear targeted to people in almost any age and both genders. We will also provide ready made shoes by our designer and sell them on our website. In Croatia, casual footwear is in fashion and worn by a lot of people in a daily life. Our marketing approach is very simple and basic without any major expenses on advertising. We are trying to start off with low expenses. We will start off with the smallest team possible, between 6-8 people, and depending on the demand of the service and product, we will hire more people if needed. Our desired financing to start and operate our business is thirty three thousand US dollars for two years. If possible, we would like to keep expenses even lower. People in Croatia use social media a lot and advertising through social media is free and effective.

It is hard to say what kind of profit we are seeking for in the first or second year, since it is a new service and product in the market and we do not know for sure how the public will react to it.

Company, Industry and Product/Service:

Our company is entering into the shoe business which is part of the footwear industry. A business plan includes shoe customization that is personalized for individual consumers who will be marketed primarily online via social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.). We provide this service for all people who have no opportunities or talents to decorate shoes on their own. In addition, we expect a big interest of people for our product because we provide a unique, and interesting purchase opportunity through which people can express themselves and...