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Empirical Evidence To begin this analysis we most illustrate that environmental protection, although very different throughout the world, is a global issue. We cannot point the finger and place the blame in any one direction, on those polluting the environment. If we look at our environment as a global issue, than the global community should be the leader in the protection of our environment.

As free trade has rapidly increased production throughout the world and between many parties, one is ignorant to accuse one member of a free trade agreement in the lax of environmental preservation in which they practice. As we are aware and which has been clearly demonstrated, by the automobile industry in Chicago, the business world's main objective is profits. Wherever it is economically sound and corporation's goals and expectations can easily be met, industrial areas will immerge. This is the major problem with the development of "pollution havens".

Host countries of the industries corporations impose environmental taxes and regulations that greatly increase the production cost to the firm. This is the beginning of relocating firms and the creation of "pollution havens" in quest of lower operating costs, generally found with a decrease in labor costs.

In the 1970's the United States began to realize the affects of industrialization on the environmental quality in which they lived. In the early 80's they began to implement environmental standards and restrictions to the production of consumption products. They removed lead from gasoline, banned production of P.C.B., and Mercury in lake sediments was replaced by chlorine production. (Taylor, Francis, 1988) Over the previous ten years they have noticed great reduction in the emission levels in the production industry since the implementation. Although free trade exists in our global economy it is crucial that the relocating corporations implement equal or higher...