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There is an ever present danger growing in the air that you and I breathe. For decades now we have been pumping toxic materials into the air around us. We should look at the sources and what we can do to lower to amount of dangerous elements they emit. The automobiles and the factories that people work in do most of the polluting. Obviously we can't eliminate all of these things from our daily life. However there is an abundance of options for people to choose that could reduce pollution.

Like others around the world, Americans have grown to enjoy ourselves at the expense of our own environment. While the automobile has made life much easier, it has been responsible for tons upon tons of toxic waste deposited into the atmosphere.

Cleaner cars would be possible but people do not want to pay the higher price the technology brings. The ACS (American Cancer Society) tells us that lung cancer cases are higher in areas where the automobile is in higher use.

Yet we continue to ignore the strong evidence and take no initiative to help the problem of pollution. Until human life is priced higher than the dollar we will pump an increasing amount of carcinogens into the air Americans breathe.

Automobiles are not the only factors of air pollution that can be lowered or even eliminated. The Recycling of Aluminum and plastics emits far less pollution that the production of virgin materials. Even the leading aluminum producer admits that the airborne release of sulfur is 40% less during the production of recycled aluminum. "The average person just isn't interested in recycling"�, states Thomas Sancton of Green Peace.

So the problem still resides with the average consumer. It takes little to no effort to divide your trash for...