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This assignment is 50% of the final mark for Environmental Issues

You are required to produce an academic paper (maximum word limit - 2000 words) to be completed and handed in at the beginning of your PPD tutorial 4 in week 15 (week beginning 7 November). If you cannot attend that PPD tutorial for good reason, you MUST submit your assignment to the Assignment Management team on the Help Desk on level 4 of the Owen Building before the date of your tutorial, marked for the attention of your PPD tutor.

This academic paper should address the following:

Discuss how the concept of sustainable development has evolved over the last fifty years. Throughout your answer, illustrate how this thinking has influenced solutions to some environmental challenges relevant to your subject area or professional sector.


Assessment criteria:

1. Evidence of wide-ranging, related reading; properly referenced (using the Harvard conventions) and applied to the area of study;

2. The integration of relevant theories and policies.

3. The description and analysis of appropriate solutions to provide for the better planning and management of the environment.

4. The structure and layout of written work; general standard of presentation; clarity and use of English, including effective use of maps, diagrams, photographs and other visual aids where appropriate.

The work you submit must be your own and you must fully acknowledge any references and quotations from the published or unpublished works of another person.

You should also ensure that you have read and understood the sections in the GEPH Programme Handbook concerning referencing and plagiarism. Clear and accurate citation and referencing will be rewarded, as will the good use of figures and tables (all of which must also be properly sourced).