Essay by huydosy October 2004

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When industrialization began, little thought was given to its ecological effects. Raw, untreated sewage was allowed to pollute our seas and rivers. Animals were killed for profit to the point of extinction. The loss of trees through uncontrolled deforestation caused erosion and unstable climate. Acid rain was caused by the poisonous gases man set into the atmosphere. Chemicals in pesticides killed animal life. Herbicides destroyed plants. The balance of nature was disturbed.

It is only now that we are waking up to problem. More natural, organic farming is advocated. Legislation controls the disposal of waste products into our air and water. Wildlife organizations are becoming more militant in their fight for animal rights. Replanting policies in some parts of the world mean that our forests should in future be sustainable.

We can only hope that growing public awareness and enlightened legislation will produce a world which is safe for us and will provide a good quality of life for future generations.