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This paper is on an Environmental Case Study of Genetically Modified Organisms. In this paper I will summarize the case study by identifying the major players and the various perspectives, concerns, interests and/or pressures each brings to the situation. The paper will also cover what responsibilities (toward human, animals, natural environment) might each of the major players have, based on the values and ethics required from his or her perspective. In producing this paper there will also be a graph attached that will that depicts the interrelationships among humans, animals, and the natural environment. By analyzing these relationships in which we depict ate the positive and negative impact each has on the other and the relative magnitude of the impact.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) for short, is a controversy surrounding plants and animals along with other species being mutated for either a faster growth or more producing for the product.

This is the process of taking genetic material from organisms and transferring it to a plant or animal to produce more for one reason or another. This is done by scientist creating a plant or animal in which will reproduce specific traits as in resistance to herbicides and insects that will enable a plant or animal to stand up and not get sick or die. The goal is for the scientist to assist in the plant or animal to give farmers and the consumer more for the money by giving the plant a longer life and the animal more producing products to go around. In this procedure would be done by altering the plant or animals or other species DNA. By creating a plant that does not need pesticide or by altering a fishes DNA to grow faster or by giving a cow a hormone to product more milk.