Environmental Development In Bangladesh

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6.2 Introduction: Environment.

The environment has become a worldwide attention today. The environment development debate posed serious question regarding various economic activities of human beings in both developed and developing countries. "Only one earth, by all for all" The people of Bangladesh feel this slogan because it is a third world country with a lush green land and unique landscape. Environment is an integral part of Nature. And influence the rural life a great deal. Environmental pollution is the unfavorable alteration of our surrounding, wholly or largely as a by product of man's actions, through direct or indirect effects of changes in energy patterns radiation levels, chemicals and physical constitution and abundance of organisms. These changes may affect man directly or through his supplies of water and of agriculture and other biological products, his physical objects or possessions or his opportunities for recreation and appreciation of nature.

6.2.1 Objective:

To get the real picture of the present environmental condition of the village, like source of water supply, toilet facilities, and kind of fuel they used.

To get picture of the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides and the impact of these on environment.


By doing PRA in the first step.

Collecting data by using questionnaire survey.

By doing the cross check.


Environment cannot change within a day. It changes day after day. Many things are related with the environment. These things are as follows: Table ENV- 1: Distribution of respondents by the type of water sources they use for different purposes.

Purposes Sources

Piped water Tube-well Well-water Pond Others (Specify)

No % No % No % No % No %

Drinking 25 100

Bathing 12 48 13 52

Washing 25 100

Cooking 25 100


Villagers use water from different sources for different purposes. Since there is...