Environmental discourse in the work environment.

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"Krista, Can you please do an ETF for our newbie?" asks my co-worker. From the moment I started my position in Human Resources, I had to gain an understanding of a language that was very unfamiliar to me. My work environment was filled with acronyms and abbreviations. Although it was customary to speak in such a dialect, I had a hard time keeping up with a conversation. The workplace is one of many different places where how you speak reflects your surroundings. A few other places I have had the need to adjust my vocabulary are the gym, with my parents, with my friends, at school, even the bank.

When I speak with my parents, I tend to have a very conservative vocabulary. I do not use swear words when speaking with my parents and I usually will filter the subject that we are discussing so that they only get the facts.

I have a very high level of respect for my parents, and therefore would never raise my voice or take a threatening tone with them. However, that doesn't mean that I don't disagree with them at times. If that does occur, I have learned that not saying anything can be just as effective as letting them know how I feel.

Between four and five times a week you would be able to find me at the gym, Not because I am a die-hard muscle buff, or some sort of fitness-maniac, but because I signed up for a year and if the money is coming out of my bank account I may as well be there. Most of the time you can find me at the tred-mill (walking/running device) while walking I have had the opportunity to people-watch and gather information that I may have not ever known otherwise.