Environmental Factors

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University of Phoenix Marketing MKT/421 Success in any endeavor whether it be, personal, private enterprise, or at the governmental level will inevitably be impacted on by environmental factors. Organizations and firms involved in trading will experience that their marketing decisions are influenced by environmental factors domestically as well as internationally. This environmental paper will therefore, focus on the Coco-Cola company as an organization whose domestic and global marketing decisions, are affected by environmental factors. In this paper specific areas such as the high level of domestic and global environmental factors that may impact the organizational marketing decisions and the impact of technology also on the marketing decisions will be addressed. The paper concludes with the final section which will analyze the importance of social responsibility and ethics as related to Coco-Colas marketing offerings.

A quick check on Coca-Colas website on an attractive home page, the slogan Welcome to the World of Coca-Cola greets a visitor.

As an organization which has demonstrated its ability and capacity to trade successfully its products on the global market, the company has been able to satisfy its consumers on the domestic market while its global appeal has been soaring, thus making the coca-cola product the clear leader in the beverage industry. Some of the high level domestic and global environmental factors which could possibly impact on Coca-Colas marketing decisions are; economic influences, globalization, political climate, regulatory requirements, demographic environment, and direct competition. Some of these factors will be discussed in detail.

When analyzing the economic factors careful consideration must be given to the dynamics involved by which countries now trade. Since the formation of the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.) on Jan 1, 1995, all member nations are now obligated to regulate imported goods consistent with all the provisions which must be adhered to for...