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"Global and domestic Marketing Decisions"

Global and domestic marketing can affect the following environmental factors, such as economics, political environment, social responsibility, technology, and ethnicity. This will be explained by the selected organization Starbucks that conduct both domestic and global marketing decisions. Global marketing is advertising of a product on a worldwide scale (Global marketing definition, 2008). Domestic marketing is the price at which a product sold directly which determines organizations revenue. Domestic marketers do not focus on changes in the global market without thinking about how the product or service could be used in other markets (Hartley, 2008).

There are high-level domestic and global environmental factors that impact Starbucks marketing decision in today's economy. For example most families are loosing cars, jobs, and homes. Some global environmental factors don't want to invest money in companies like Starbucks due to the Stock market crashing and lenders not feeling comfortable with investing their hard earned money and loosing every dollar.

This is going to affects Starbucks marketing due to their audience view of society has changed and people are trying to find deals. The audience wants more quantity now as opposed to quality like they were wanting before. There are times when operating business on a global landscape presents challenges, including dealing with the broad scale of perceptions people have on America. In various parts of the world there has been a rise in anti-American outlook, most of it attributed to the conflicts of the Middle East (Corporation Social Responsibility Repot, 2007).

Starbucks acknowledges the power of the internet and how much their targeted audience is more computer savvy and watch a large amount of television. The company has created their own website starbucks.com for customers to purchase coffee, tea, and brewing equipment by shopping online. The company sales...