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Which of the following is NOT part of the three-part HSSE Guidance System Documentation?

Your answer : The GAC Quality Policy

That's right!

Which of the following is NOT one of the commitments to achieving an effective HSSE Management System as described in the GAC Group HSSE Policy?

Your answer : Encouraging a reactive action culture


In the HSSE Guidance System Manual, KPO stands for:

Your answer : Key Performance Outcome


GAC companies develop their own HSSE Management System based on which important factors?

Your answer : GAC Group HSSE standards and the requirements of external influences

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All of the following are responsibilities of the nominated HSSE Representative's responsibilities,except?

Your answer : Setting Group HSSE policy

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Which of the following is NOT one of the stated purposes of the HSSE Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs)?

Your answer : Guide the formulation of the Group Quality Policy


The process for developing HSSE Targets (from the Guidance System Manual) follows the following sequence:

Your answer : HSSE Objective, HSSE KPO, HSSE KPI, HSSE Target


The KPO on HSSE targets and objectives states: "By establishing HSSE Targets and Objectives, progress can be assessed and appropriate ______taken to ensure continual____________of the HSSE Management System

Your answer : actions, improvement

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The KPO on HSSE Training states: "All GAC employees will be provided with suitable and sufficient ______and ________to ensure that they are aware of HSSE policies, obligations, standards, behaviours and processes with which they will be expected to comply."

Your answer : training, induction


The KPO on Management of HSSE Incidents states: "All HSSE Incidents must be duly ___________to identify the causes and develop a preventive / corrective ___________ to prevent the occurrences and re-occurrences."

Your answer : investigated, action plan

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