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Environmental Analysis-Neighborly Care NetworkStrategic thinking for Neighborly Care Network is the way in which people think about, assess, view, and create the future for themselves and their associates. It is more than responding to day-to-day as well as long-term problems, opportunities, and new realities; it is creating a future for Neighborly Care Network. Neighborly Care Network must identify what and how to get from their current realities to the future ones that add value to society as the Mega level (Strategic Planning, 2004).

Neighborly Care Networks' profound shift that will influence their future is the Demographics of district 5 or Pinellas/Pasco Counties. With the demographics of the elderly growing larger and the poverty level of our elderly become more pronounced, Neighborly Care Network must be able to put into place some well thought out programs to include the low income families (Strategic Planning, 2004).

How will Neighborly Care Network implement a plan to assist at customer service? They will first have to measure the satisfaction of all customers.

The easiest way to measure customer service is to count the number of customers that have switched to other vendors; but the most effective way to address dissatisfaction is to prevent it from happening in the first place (Strategies for growth, 2000). Neighborly Care must first identify what the customer is unhappy about, is the care below their satisfaction, did the company not respond in a satisfactory time frame if this is the case then the company must find out what is considered an appropriate timeframe for response to their needs.

The only way Neighborly Care Network can design and implement an effective customer satisfaction and loyalty improvement program is if they make a total commitment to design, implement, track monitor and manage its service delivery performance and corresponding levels of customer...