Environmental issues that affect the five main business functions.

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Mobile Satellite Group and Sumpo Insurance company are two different types of companies in Singapore. Mobile Satellite's serves the shipping industry in Singapore as well as overseas. Sumpo Insurance serves customers in Singapore as well as Japan. Both companies possess long histories of success and have fair share of effect in terms of environmental issues that has affected their business functions. My report will compare and contrast each company's environmental issues in relation to the business function so that the reader would gain a better understanding of each respective company.

Environmental issues affecting marketing.

Mobile satellite proves satellite services to the shipping industry in Singapore as well as overseas. Today customers are demanding for more detailed information on the processes used and the products made by suppliers therefore environmental protections is needed in decision making when marketing their products. The marketing representative are like ambassadors to their products and services as they their competitors are all over the world.

Basically alone ranger in the Singapore market but then they cannot afford to define their competitors narrowly because her competitors are all big timer in the market and moreover they are stationed around Asia, Asia Pacific and the European countries. Mobile Satellite is actually facing a monopolistic competition because each company in the region is trying to take control of the market share.. This can be possible if Mobiles Satellite potential for market opportunities is through environmental protection and the level of environmental risk inherent in the company's activities. They must adopt a defensive strategy when investing in overseas markets. The need to develop and modify their products and services to show environmental improvement and gain competitive advantage is important.. By continuously pursuing this marketing strategy it is clear to see that Mobile Satellite will be in the marketplace for...