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1 Environmental Marketing

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Environmental marketing as a concept started in the late 1980s and early 1990s as consumer interests into environmentally friendly and sustainable products grew to a point where purchasing decisions were made on whether a product or company was environmentally friendly. According to surveys made during that time period, three major trends could be found; consumers avoided purchasing a product because they believed that the product or packaging was environmentally harmful, consumers purchased products specifically because they were environmentally friendly, and consumers were ready to pay more for products which were considered environmentally friendly. Because of these strong results from multiple surveys it is no surprise that companies started increasing their emphasis on labelling of their products and promotion of their environmental concerns and policies.

When environmental marketing first surfaced, many companies held untrue claims about how environmental their product or operation was, resulting in disbelief from the consumer point of view, which exists even today, at least to some extent.

This is why companies which focus resources on environmental issues are so keen to labelled and certified by either the EU or some other independent faction.

The most basic idea in environmental marketing is to promote your product or operation, so that your consumers will know that the company and its products are environmentally sustainable. Not only does the company have values which identify the need to conserve resources and preserve the ecosystem, as well as in most cases, have a environmentally sustainable product or operation, they also need to focus efforts into educating their target consumers about environmental issues. If a company is successful labelling itself (physically or mentally) as an environmentally friendly company, it should be able to grow its customer base and...