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Population Report-----Japanese Population issue, Aging Population

1. Japanese Population

Back ground

The latest data about the size of population in Japan revealed by the Japanese government is 1.26 billion. Japanese population has decreased for four years and has been troubled by several different but unique population issues.

Population Structure of Japan

Change by years Period 1: 1920-2000

After the 2nd world war, there appeared a baby boom in Japan which was short-termed.

At that time, the population of Japan is only about 55818000. As a result of high fertility rate and low death

rate, the Japanese population began to increase. Until 1970, the pace of growth slowed down but the trend of increase still remained. In 2000, Japanese population reached 1.25billion.

Period 2 2001-2013

Period 3: The future

In the following line graph, the blue line shows the projected trend of the Japanese future population. Apparently, it is believed by experts that the Japanese population will keeping shrinking for the next 50 years or more.

2. Nature Issues and Implications 1. Decreasing Population...