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Environmental values ties together ideas and thoughts from beliefs, political affairs, natural science, as well as other philosophies, in order to understand the current and future environmental issues of humans as well as other species. The objective of bringing these together is to make clear the connection between practical policy issues and a more deep understanding of the various ideology or assumptions. This paper will discuss the most important principles of ecofeminism, pluralism, and environmental pragmatism as well as identify which approach best compliments my values and ethical beliefs regarding environmental issues. Lastly, this paper will explain how values and ethics define responsibility to the natural environment.

EcofeminismEcofeminism is a philosophy that is hard to define, as there are many different forms of ecofeminism. Ecofeminism is influenced by feminist groups such as liberal, Marxist, radical, and social. Ecofeminism can be defined as a feministic view of to environmental ethics. According to Des Jardins (2006), ecofeminism "might be better thought of as a general perspective on ecological issues than as a unified "theory" or eco-philosophy" (p.

245). Ecofeminism sees the domination of women and the dominance of nature as interrelated; as an association ecofeminist, use a structure that confronts issues of gender, race, class, and nature (feminist campus.org, 2005).

One theory of ecofeminism is liberal feminism. According to Beasley (1999), "liberal feminism involves an emphasis upon reform of society rather than revolutionary change" (p. 52). Liberal feminists believe that domination and discrimination must be warranted. In other words, any discrimination between men and women must be explained and reasonable in order to be acknowledged by the liberal feminists. Liberals also dispute the fact that there is a difference between men and women and avidly fight for equal rights.

Marxists feminism emerged in the 1960s in an effort to try to explain...