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Environmental values combine the thoughts and opinions acquired through beliefs, political affairs, natural science, in addition to other philosophies to comprehend contemporary and prospective environmental concerns regarding humans and other species. The intention of this merger is to explain the correlation connecting realistic strategy issues and a deeper perception of the diverse philosophy or supposition. The purpose of this paper is to review the most important principles of ecofeminism, pluralism, and environmental pragmatism; furthermore, identify, which of these approaches best compliments the values and ethical beliefs of the author regarding environmental issues.

Ecofeminism"Ecofeminists assert that there is a connection between the destruction of nature by humans and the oppression of women by men that arises from political theories and social practices in which women and nature are treated as objects to be owned or controlled" (Britannica, 2003). Oppression, hierarchy, and spiritual relationships with nature have suppied vital trepidation of ecofeminism.

The goal of ecofeminists is to institute a central function for women in the quest for an environmentally sound and socially just society. A division has been created as a result of defining the relationship connecting nature and women, which is more intimate and more "spiritual" than the relationship between nature and men (Britannica, 2003).. Ecofeminism "might be better thought of as a general perspective on ecological issues than as a unified "theory" or eco-philosophy"(Des Jardins (2006).The view of ecofeminists is of the domination of women and the dominance of nature as interconnected; as an organization ecofeminists, use a structure that tackles issues of gender, race, class, and nature (Feminist campus.org, 2005). A number of organizations such as liberal, Marxist, radical, and social feminist groups have influenced ecofeminism.

Liberal Feminism"Liberal feminism involves an emphasis upon reform of society rather than revolutionary change" (Beasley, 1999). The conviction of liberal feminists...